• February 13, 2019
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Popular Christian Songs About Starting Over

It’s a new year, so that means it’s time to start over. Maybe you want to write a book, run a marathon, or perhaps you have more spiritual goals. You could always read through the Bible in one year or sign up for your first mission trip. Like just about every other aspect of the Christian experience, musicians have long written popular Christian songs about the need for something new. The mix of beauty and freedom that surrounds the moment you come to Christ or mark some other milestone in your spiritual walk is rife for songwriting possibilities. No matter what resolutions or lifestyle changes are on your mind, we want to give you some of the most popular Christian songs to accompany you on the journey. Maybe one of these tracks will become the theme music of your year.

“Fresh Start” - Ryan Stevenson

There are plenty of emotional songs about a second chance or starting over, many of which we’ll cover on this list. “Fresh Start” by Ryan Stevenson isn’t that. Instead we get an infectious chorus and some smooth beats that will have you bobbing your head on the way to work or engaging in some upper body dance moves on the treadmill (if you’re that kind of person).





“The Breakup Song” - Francesca Battistelli

Nothing inspires starting over quite like a breakup. No matter which side of the conversation you are on, the decision sparks a new world of possibilities. Francesca Battistelli isn’t breaking up with a boyfriend here, but rather the fear and doubt which constantly plague her. This isn’t a problem limited to Battistelli, though, as we all encounter struggles in our pursuit to better ourselves and grow in grace. Let this song give you the necessary courage to start over this year.





“The Motions” - Matthew West

For those of us who have spent our entire lives in the church, we can easily fall prey to complacency or legalism. This Matthew West song encourages us to go above and beyond, leaving behind a mediocre Christian existence and aiming for something more. If you have lost sight of what really matters, this song can push you forward and help you start over.





“Start a Fire” - Unspoken

Instead of being burnt out on church, Unspoken’s “Start a Fire” is about not giving up on doing good in the world. We can easily feel the world is too harsh or evil for us to make any difference. What if we all chose to seek revival rather than hide from opposition? Maybe starting over for you this year means getting serious about your faith and looking to spread the gospel in your community.





“Different” - Micah Tyler - Popular Christian Songs About Starting Over

It’s easy to feel like a spectator in your own life. In our world of Netflix and smartphones, we leave behind real connection and the ability to make an impact for a complacent existence. Micah Tyler has a strong message in “Different”: Do not settle for less than what God has called you to. If this one doesn’t tug at your heart strings, you may want to check in with your cardiologist.





“Awake and Alive” - Skillet

Some of the popular Christian songs about starting over really rock. Skillet often sings about conquering fear and our need for a Savior. In “Awake and Alive,” it’s all about staying close to God, the one who gives us life and strength. If you are trying to start over, but won’t bring God into the mission, you’re probably going to feel like you’re skiing uphill.





“Not Backing Down” - Blanca ft. Tedashii

Blanca iterates a point we’ve mentioned before with some of these popular Christian songs about starting over. Sometimes the change we need to make is to step out and take a chance on something important to us. “Not Backing Down” shows us that eventually we need to take a stand or else we must not believe in the words we speak.





“Courageous” - Casting Crowns

Taken from the 2011 film by the same title, this Casting Crowns song challenges us to become men of conviction who want to protect and raise up strong Christian families. Perhaps you have a resolution this year about being intentional with family time. No matter how you want to start over, we know this song’s message is great for anyone with a family.





“Christ in Me” - Jeremy Camp

If we try to fuel our lives with something other than Christ, it won’t be long before we need a serious do-over. Jeremy Camp’s “Christ in Me” wants our driving force to be the power of Jesus working through us. Anything less leads to unnecessary distractions and disappointment. Do you want to really start fresh? Begin with the right motivations.





“Confidence” - Sanctus Real - Popular Christian Songs About Starting Over

We might approach our challenges and resolutions more confidently if we believed we had the same skill set and/or level of faith as those we read about in the Bible. In “Confidence,” Sanctus Real is asking God to give them faith like Daniel, hope like Moses, and a heart like David’s. With those attributes we could accomplish just about anything.





“The Cost” - Rend Collective

Popular Christian songs about starting over show us that true change is about turning closer to Christ and not going our own way. It doesn’t matter if you are making a spiritual change or just a healthy one, it’s all related to our spiritual walk. When we’re making the choice to start over, we should count up the cost and benefits. Here, Rend Collective does the same thing and finds that following God is “worth everything.”





“Never Going Back to OK” - The Afters

Once you have made a fresh start and start seeing the results, you’re going to be singing this song from The Afters. It’s easier to head to the gym at 5 a.m. after you’ve lost an inch or two in your waist. Just like you’ll begin to love your morning quiet time after you feel more at ease at work each day. As long you are feeling healthier (spiritually and/or physically), stick with it and pursue that higher lifestyle.





“To the Table” - Zach Williams

For many people the hardest thing about getting a fresh start is thinking they can’t change or aren’t worthy of anything better. “To the Table” from Zach Williams is a song all about God’s ability to understand and love us. The past does not have to dictate your ability to live better today, whether that means coming to Christ or giving up smoking or a hundred other things. Don’t give up on starting over just because of what happened in the past.





“The Sun is Rising” - Britt Nicole

Going along with the themes we discussed in Zach Williams song, “The Sun is Rising” by Britt Nicole is another of our popular Christian songs about starting over where we cannot get stuck in previous loss or failure. No matter what you are going through, there is still hope. You have the ability to conquer goals and make changes which will make you a healthier, and perhaps holier, person.





These popular Christian songs about starting over serve as a great reminder each day as we aim to make the necessary changes in our lives. Let’s not forget to do our part, however. It’s one thing to talk about starting over and something entirely different to actually do so.

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