Christian Christmas Songs

With the Christmas season in full swing, it’s time to break out your favorite Christmas music (assuming you haven’t already). Although we would never try to separate you from the classic hits you love, 2019 has brought us some new Christian Christmas songs we think you’re going to love. Scan the list below and see if there’s a few worth checking out this holiday season.

“All I Need for Christmas” - TobyMac & TERRIAN

Fans of TobyMac know the singer has put out plenty of Christmas music over the years. Between 2017’s “Light of Christmas” and 2011’s “Christmas in Diverse City,” you’ve got over 20 tracks to enjoy. Still, the singer is one to always please the fans with new music. That means everyone can enjoy his newest song, “All I Need for Christmas” featuring TERRIAN.

“Joy! He Shall Reign” - Big Daddy Weave

You’ll find a few variations on classic Christian hymns on our list for 2019. Here, Big Daddy Weave takes “Joy to the World” and creates a more modern rendition that captures the overall feeling of excitement brought by both the Christmas season and Christ’s birth. The song is different enough so that you won’t be wishing you were just listening to the original and it makes for a nice break from some of the season’s more serious offerings.

“Christmas With You” - Cochren & Co.

Like several artists on this list, Cochren & Co. put out a two-song EP for this year’s holiday season. The up and coming singer’s penchant for piano playing and emotional lyrics plays perfectly into the Christmas season. Fans will find both “Christmas With You” and “Please Come Home for Christmas” to be worthy of their holiday playlists, but the former gets our endorsement here.





“The Holidays Are Here” - Danny Gokey

Danny Gokey certainly had a busy 2019. On top of winning Male Artist of the Year at the 2019 K-LOVE Fan Awards, he also released two albums. “The Greatest Gift” is a compilation of wonderful Christmas songs, including “The Prayer” and “Until You.” When you’re needing a lighthearted jam to break up the heavy handed Christmas classics, we suggest you check out “The Holidays Are Here.”





“Winter Wonderland” - Matthew West

For some people, it’s just not Christmas music unless it was written by Isaac Watts or sung by Bing Crosby. Listeners who love traditional Christmas music covers will want to check out Matthew West’s take on “Winter Wonderland.” The classic composition will get you into the Christmas spirit in no time. What better endorsement could there be when it comes to holiday tunes?





“Joy to the World (Joyful, Joyful)” - Phil Wickham

One of the few Christian artists to release a full-length Christmas album this year, Phil Wickham has plenty of material for audiences to pore over this season. “Joy to the World (Joyful, Joyful)” is an update on the beloved carol that keeps everything you love from the original, all while blending in “Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee.” The rest of Wickham’s album, “Christmas,” is full of songs you’ll love like “Angels We Have Heard On High” and “What Child Is This.”





“Wonder of Wonders” Jonathan Cain feat. Michael Tait

The Christmas season is a fun time for music collaborations like the ones we’ll see over the next two songs. Many fans of Christian music know Michael Tait from his days with DC Talk and Newsboys, but Jonathan Cain has been making music for decades as well. “Wonder of Wonders” is an upbeat track marveling over the magnitude of God coming down in the form of a baby.

“Christmas Day” - Chris Tomlin and We the Kingdom

Chris Tomlin’s 2015 Christmas album, “Adore,” is still a favorite for many listeners, but the artist also put out some fresh holiday tracks this winter. “Christmas Day” is a joint effort with We The Kingdom that combines worship and the Christmas spirit for a powerful message of yuletide praise. For more of the same, you can also listen to “His Name is Wonderful,” “Little Drummer Boy,” or “Hope of Israel.”

“Joy Unto the World” - The Afters - New Christian Christmas Songs From 2019

The Afters released its latest holiday effort this past November with “Joy Unto the World.” Although the title may have you thinking this is some version of “Joy to the World,” the song only shares a similar message as that Christmas favorite. “Joy Unto the World” does feature a brief rendition of the hymn near the end of its run, but this one is 90% an original work. Fans of The Afters and other alt-rock Christian bands will enjoy this hopeful take.





“Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” - MercyMe

If you enjoy the voice of MercyMe’s Bart Millard and long for some old-fashioned Christmas tunes, you’ll love this performance of “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.” The timeless lyrics of this popular piece are backed by pleasant string instruments and piano, giving you the full effect of a holiday from years past. This is one of the season’s best songs for those who favor tradition over today’s sound.

“This Is Jesus” - We Are Messengers

Opting for a Christmas EP in 2019, We Are Messengers has five new songs for the season. Among these is “This Is Jesus,” a song set to the tune of “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing.” While the track sounds like a classic hymn for the most part, its second half builds to a crescendo of worship proclaiming “Rejoice, He is with us / Rejoice, hope is here.” “This Is Jesus” closes out the Christmas EP, titled “God With Us,” by reminding us of why we celebrate His birth each year.





“Is He Worthy? / The King is Coming” - Christy Nockels

Christy Nockels released an inspiring Christmas album in 2016 called “The Thrill of Hope” and now she’s back with a revamped version. “The Thrill of Hope Renewed” features almost all of the same tracks from the previous record save for a few changes. You may wish to listen to the album in its entirety, but we want to point you in the direction of “Is He Worthy? / The King is Coming.” The mashup is one that leaves you feeling more than hopeful at the end of the album.

“Come and Adore” - Cloverton - New Christian Christmas Songs From 2019

One of the new Christian Christmas songs from 2019 comes to us by way of Cloverton, the band behind the hit song “Take Me Into the Beautiful.” In the group’s first recording since 2017, Cloverton put out a six-song holiday EP. “Come and Adore” is the title track for the record and it serves as an invitation to worship the birth of the King.

“Angels We Have Heard on High” - Lincoln Brewster

Christmas records come in all shapes and sizes. Lincoln Brewster’s “A Mostly Acoustic Christmas” presents a series of holiday classics like “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” and “O Come O Come Emmanuel,” all with a toned down style of play. One of the album’s better songs is “Angels We Have Heard On High,” a straightforward and guitar-heavy track.





“White Christmas” - I AM THEY - New Christian Christmas Songs From 2019

Speaking of acoustic Christmas songs, I AM THEY offers a lovely take on this classic from Irving Berlin. Accompanied by soft instrumentals and featuring an even softer vocal performance, “White Christmas” proves itself yet again to be one of the best holiday songs around.

“Christmas is All About You” - Mallary Hope

Singer Mallary Hope has had a few Christmas songs to register over the last couple of years. “Just a Baby (Mary’s Song)” was one of those hits and it appears on Hope’s 2019 EP “Christmas is All About You.” One of her other recordings from the project is the title track, a call to remember the reason why we go through all of the festivities this time of year.

“Christmas Time is Here” - Hollyn

Hollyn has gifted fans with a two-song package that features one of our new Christian Christmas songs from 2019. “Christmas Time is Here” is a slow jam that plays off the old song from “A Charlie Brown Christmas” and gives it a modern sound. On top of this track, fans can look for her version of “O Come All Ye Faithful.”

“A Thrill of Hope (O Holy Night / Agnus Dei)” - Building 429

Another artist to release a short holiday EP in 2019 is Building 429. The group’s four-song collection has a few new songs, but one nostalgic medley we love comes in the form of “A Thrill of Hope (O Holy Night / Agnus Dei).” With this song we get to enjoy the traditional Christmas sound while easily transitioning to an atmosphere of worship.





“Majesty” - Avalon - New Christian Christmas Songs From 2019

Avalon has been part of the Christian scene for decades now, but “Majesty” proves the group still has plenty of great music to share with listeners. The song is hot off the presses for the Christmas season and it’s a regal call to celebrate the wholeness of who Jesus is. From His miraculous birth to the destiny of His resurrection, this song has got it all.

“Home for Christmas” - Ryan Stevenson

Last up on our list of new Christian Christmas songs from 2019 is Ryan Stevenson’s “Home for Christmas.” A fun holiday song about prioritizing how you spend your time with loved ones during the Christmas season, it’s an energetic single you’ll be swaying back and forth with as you listen. The singer also released the song “This Christmas Eve” (technically an older track), just in case you need another dose of holiday joy.





We don’t know about you, but these new Christian Christmas songs are going to keep us company throughout the most wonderful time of the year. Whether our list contained your favorite artist or not, we hope you’ll check out these Christmas songs and enjoy them with your friends and family. 

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