• September 25, 2020
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Matthew West Quarantine Life

The year has been tough on us all, but each of us has responded to additional time at home in different ways. Maybe you started a new hobby or tried to learn a different language. Your favorite Christian musicians also tried to make the best of a tough situation by lending their creative abilities to a series of projects and videos. Below are a few of the best Christian music collaborations to come out of the monthslong quarantine. We know the days can be tough, so we want to help you enjoy faith-filled music and have a few laughs. From funny videos to unforgettable team-ups, here are some of the most fun Christian music collaborations to help you pass the time.

Matthew West Original “Quarantine Life”

Many of your favorite artists have had a lot of time on their hands. With no tour dates or fun conferences to attend, singers like Matthew West have resorted to filming fun music videos around the house. In “Quarantine Life,” you’ll see West and his family cracking jokes, making up dances, and lamenting the closure of all salons. It’s all fun and games, but we’re betting you’ll have this song stuck in your head for the rest of the week.



Crowder, Johnnyswim, and Tori Kelly - “Because He Lives”

Easter at Passion City Church led to an incredible rendition of “Because He Lives” performed by David Crowder, Tori Kelly, and Abner Ramirez and Amanda Sudano of Johnnyswim. Bouncing between Los Angeles, Atlanta and Burbank, you can watch the talented individuals weave together a hopeful message of trusting in Jesus and His resurrection. How can anything be all that bad when we remember we still serve a living God?



TobyMac & Diverse City Separate Altogether - “See the Light”

Being quarantined away from the rest of your band can make collaboration difficult, but that doesn’t stop TobyMac and Diverse City. Over the course of several weeks, the group has released a series of performances where each individual has been blended together for a full experience. Check out the video below to see them take on “See the Light.” Then you can check out TobyMac’s YouTube page for other songs like “On Your Own” and “I just need U.”



Big Daddy Weave + Fans Sing “Redeemed” - Christian Music Collaborations from Quarantine

Who says it’s just the artists themselves who get to have all of the fun? Big Daddy Weave wanted to make a video demonstrating how the band’s song “Redeemed” has affected so many people. It just makes sense they’d bring everyone together with lead singer Mike Weaver for a special performance. What a great way to enjoy music together and hear from so many different voices!



Kari Jobe and Cody Carnes - “The Blessing” From Home

Next on our list of Christian music collaborations from quarantine is the married duo of Kari Jobe and Cody Carnes. Their latest hit, “The Blessing,” has become a powerful anthem for those seeking encouragement, especially when it comes to family. Though you may have already seen the pair’s performance of the song with Elevation Worship, you’ll want to watch this simpler rendition that tugs on the heartstrings.



Hillsong Worship’s Church Online - “What a Beautiful Name”

We’ve all heard this song, whether through watching videos online or singing it in our respective churches, but this 2020 version is something else. Instead of loud instruments and a stadium sound, we hear the voices prioritized and accompanied by piano. It’s a wonderful way to take in the song and think on each line of lyrics.



Rend Collective - “I Choose Worship” - Socially Distant Version

Another band who went the route of playing from their individual homes is Rend Collective. The group just put a new album during quarantine, so they decided to play a few songs from it through online collaboration. “I Choose Worship” is the title song and it focuses on how we choose to worship God through both blessing and trial.



MercyMe’s Official Music Video - “Hurry Up and Wait”

Making the most of the circumstances, Bart Millard and MercyMe decided to shoot a music video surrounding the themes of the season. Separated from the rest of the band in his country cabin, Millard goes through the weird motions we fall back on in isolation before finding a way to incorporate the rest of the band. Not only is it a fun song and video, but there’s an important message for the current season of life.



Lauren Daigle Performs “Still Rolling Stones” in Quarantine

In one of the bigger Christian music collaborations from quarantine, singer Lauren Daigle partners up with a dozen musicians and backup singers for a full version of “Still Rolling Stones.” The song, a popular single from the artist’s sophomore album, “Look Up Child.”



Sidewalk Prophets Video for “Don’t Sweat It”

Garnering attention for your new album can be difficult during a pandemic, but that doesn’t stop Sidewalk Prophets from putting in the work. The band has been busy during the quarantine season pumping out all kinds of videos, including an inspired take on “Don’t Sweat It” found below.



Newsboys at Home - “We Believe” - Christian Music Collaborations From Quarantine

If you’ve always wanted to see Michael Tait belt out the chorus to “We Believe” from his living room, you’ll want to watch Newsboys performing together in this socially distant clip. Despite our current situation, it’s good to take the time and reaffirm what we believe and are willing to fight for.



Danny Gokey Has a Message to Share: “Wash Yo Hands”

For all those people who told Danny Gokey there’s no way to make health education fun, the singer has the perfect response. “Wash Yo Hands” is a short music video stylized after informational school videos from the 90s reminding kids (and all of us, really) how to avoid spreading germs.



Jeremy Camp - “Keep Me in the Moment” Collaborative Video

Jeremy Camp has had a busy first half of the year with the release of “I Still Believe,” a movie based on his life. That hasn’t stopped the artist from putting out some great Christian music collaborations during the last few months. Here he’s joined by his band for “Keep Me in the Moment.”



Mack Brock & Phil Wickham - “O Come to the Altar”

Want Christian music collaborations that bring together artists you’ve never seen paired up before? Maybe you should watch Mack Brock and Phil Wickham play Elevation Worship’s “O Come to the Altar.” It’s a moving song that will drive you to worship no matter how bad or confusing your day has been. The two musicians also joined together for a performance of “God of Revival” in a separate video on Wickham’s YouTube page.



So there you have it. With all of these fun Christian music collaborations, you can find inspiration for the day and maybe even create some art of your own. We always have reason to praise and be thankful, no matter the season.

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